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Matthew Petrocci


About Piledriver

Located in Syracuse NY, Piledriver is a small design studio that thinks big. The focus is on creating killer content mostly through motion graphics and video production but we offer a full range of services by strategically leveraging our network of specialists based on a client’s particular need. By assembling a small core team (including the client) we can quickly wrestle challenges into submission. It’s a different approach to marketing and the result is less like an agency and more like your tag team partner.

Piledriver is run by Matt Petrocci. Matt is an award-winning storyteller and designer with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry since 1998. Matt is highly skilled in both Creative Strategy and Production and has over 20 years of digital experience. His earliest work in Flash and After Effects netted a decade long career with ad agencies and design studios producing work that has been recognized with Addy Awards, Cannes Cyber Lion, London International Awards, FWA Awards, and CLIO awards. He launched Piledriver in 2015 and continues to collaborate and innovate.